Movement in letting go

Eastern philosophy tells me that in dance, no movement or direction is better or worse than another. That this is a way to view all of life, and to see all the good and bad things that happen as movements in the dance. A difficult deprogramming for anyone to undertake. It’s like asking the internal wild horse that is my mind to run through a congested forest of emotional trees, passing by the large ones, and attempting not to smack itself dead on into any particular one.

I am running. Watching the emotions – anger, anticipation, hurt, fear, and sadness pass by. Attempting not to validate my thoughts and emotions as right or wrong eventually brings me back to the run. Should I get wounded during the practice, and even to hurt someone else when I wasn’t watching myself carefully, I have but little recourse than to ask forgiveness and attempt to make amends.

No matter how good a runner, tripping and falling sometimes happens which means time in healing. Getting back up and running again is vital. The thought of hurting someone else in the fall brings guilt, and though we may all seek perfection, these are the pains of life. Whether there is scarring depends on how deep the wound, whether it was allowed to fester, and time. Dwelling on the pain only causes greater heart-ache. Wounds, personal or inflicted, allow us to be more equipped to handle what life brings as a result of the last fall. Letting all the pent-up emotion pass through, feeling it’s release, and giving up control.

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