One new beginning..

“Every moment is a new beginning.”

Jesus, after 13,652 days of beginnings I can honestly report that every day feels an awful lot like the previous day. As an adult now in this waking, I open my phone to check the time often before the alarm rings, then log into a few online accounts.

Rambling online is where I find the new facts to be added or edited to this book I’ve been writing about life. The one you are reading now. The one I write in my spare time.

In this book, I keep starting and stopping, then deleting entire stories from my life. Writing my stories down, then finishing the story and deleting that person from my record. Overall, this process seems like a good place to start when considering self-forgiveness.

Journaling too in this work of writing, a friend asked me today if she could take pictures of a journal and post that image online as a book. I gave her my best guess of an answer, then we texted back/forth about various options she might explore. This is what I do by profession, consult.

Monday through Friday, five days out of the week, my day is just about the same as it ever was. Holidays and vacations excluded, that’s a lot of the same work days.

Some days I wake up a little older too. The wrinkles still appearing in places I don’t remember they once were. It’s a whole lot of stress to sit in front of the computer to work all day, then come home to do the same for myself to destress about work and life. Professional and personal, I am just one human computer.

This human computer work still feels like work. Moving information from one place to another, like a computer I manage projects and people. Loving what I do, and it’s what my colleagues do too.

Work? well, we love one another because we live in the same space. I’ve known my associates at work for more than a year this month and it’s a pretty great gig.

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