Dear Sir

Dear Sir or Madam,

These letters are a form of my daily art-filled expression. Every day is a new story and a new song. Sometimes I even tell you these stories so that I don’t have to remember them anymore. I publish them here, then delete them as though they have no resonance within and without.

Having been a writer and artist now for several years, I have learned that there is little safety in the emotions of these expressions. The moment I click publish, someone “reads” these chapters of my life within seconds. My guess is that this technological entity immediately filters through my posts to verify I am still a safe human being. Who knows anymore whom is being hunted, I am not game.

In any case, these are my daily letters and today, we inch closer to the Christmas holiday. I was preparing to be alone this year and focus on my writing, but last night a “family” member offered to help pay for my trip home. Then, he told me to stop calling him Sir.

Accepting a gift, I honor the love from my universal family. Too, a special thanks to the people who love me. Not just for this last year where you were a daily passion to be the change I want to see in the world, but for helping me to become considerably more aware of my personal finances. Wellness is not always an easy topic to love, but it’s worth the journey toward a happier future family. Mine and yours included, Sir and Madam.


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