Queens Over Kings? Check, Please!

i created a story again. One whole emotional story about how i was the victim of a king. He showed affection for me at one time, but he found a new queen to source for his needs. Marrying that source of energy now, he is enjoying altered states of existence on repeat. Just another cast of royal characters with a heart’s burn for one another.

i am queen to you alone, my God. With or without, You love/hate me as You did when You created me. When You formed me in my mother’s womb, You also whispered a burning question. Thank You for asking, i accept this connection and sit in meditation to return this channel to You again and again.

These stories about this body and life that is “mine”, i hand these pages to You. What You do with these records is Your decision. You already know that i want to delete this poisonous pen from my book of life.

Last night when i sat to do just that, making way for the new, there were certain entries that seemed to require my attention. Sad as they were, it seemed a bit like You wanted me to read parts of my story again. What is even more serendipitous is that one of those stories also leaped from the pages of my history to send me a message about how he wants to spend time together. Quite an odd story with that One.



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