This fight, the One that you started when you compared yourself to God, you will win to lose this game of a story. Standing 5’6″ tall, this tiny fighter inside of me is incredibly tired, but I will live to fight another day. Tonight though, you win, and instead I draw these sketches of your pain.

If this is a battle between you and Jesus, there is a book about how you are eventually going to burn in hell. As we get closer to that final destination, that repeat of a holy story still seems true. Though that black and white is somewhat irrelevant and just another battle of right and wrong.

Sitting at church today and listening to the choir, I cried a few tears for you and me both. Sorrow for the lives that we have both lead, the sins of this world and that of global nations. Pitting you against me, making you a religious thief, a murdered, a rapist, a beggar, and a total loser, we both know that story is not presently true.

In this letter to you, Earth angel, I was wondering if we could form a truce? Perhaps for a time we could all feel whole and holy? With you in that story, even, God’s forgiveness being extended to you and all your fallen angels. Though I am not God, I’m certain that I could find at least a few Bible verses to back me up when I offer God’s mercy and grace.

There is no time like your present.


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