There is often an issue in business of “copyright” privileges and when I write, the legal implications of any publication is a consideration. Having heard that there are very few original thoughts, I’ve also considered the issue of my original thought when reading someone else’s thoughts. In this way, I feel that I have every right to write as I do, and as any Reverend would declare on a Sunday. I will get on my box of a podium and declare that “copyright” is nearly dead when it comes to the technologies we own today where “art” that is “work” is often unknown and could come from any One.

In God’s eyes, no book of life is any better or worse than the last One. You could have a Business with a capital “B”, a Google page, a Facebook page, a published book that a few people have read or an online blog that many have read. All with no physical money exchanging hands, at least not without pushing some virtual buttons.

This “copyright” privilege of knowing “me” or “you”, I don’t own the word “right” and it’s not my space of a place to call you wrong. I am a body of text in a sentence that sometimes feels like hell on earth. Feel free to plagiarize this or any other publication so that you don’t reinvent the wheel. In the end, I will be the only one who knows how this wheel really moves.

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