Rule # 395

A letter from a friend asks that I open up the floor to people who may want to be supportive and post a Comment here. Have at it, you are welcome to join the conversation, all things within moderation. Writing whatever your heart pleases in as simple and direct a way as your beautiful mind can muster.

Commentary is moderated because this legal mind and Judgy McJudgerson that I may be refuses to get filthy rich from assholes. Perhaps, in the future, I will start to publish my writing elsewhere too when that feels right. Today’s this is perfect.

In other news, it is always appreciated to receive an email from a future or former friend or colleague. If you are a friend? Thanks for texts and emails of greetings on this holiday. Also, it’s usually nice to grab a coffee with a friend – so make a joyful noise when shouting out and we’ll sing together. No singing? I’ll still love you just the same.

Kind regards,

[aka Stephanie
aka Author
aka Copywrong Artist
aka Owner of Birdanity
aka One Bird
aka Editor
aka “Publisher”

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