If you were unable to write again, what would be the last thing that you wanted to “say” to the people who read this website?

I would say thank you for the time that we shared. Then, I would tell you that I will be watching “you” as Spirits often do. I would tell you that I love/hate you, just as you are, and that I am sorry if I ever caused you the pain of fear itself.

Too, you are welcome for the moments of laughter. Please, laugh away, there is nothing to hide here and only moments to laugh about all these damn stories. You’ve got some too, I’m sure.

Navigating to the stars on that final day, I would wish that I had taken the time to write an actual book instead of a few thousand posts here on this blog (after several million personal journal entries in an actual book). All that added up to a worth of zero in this reality because at this moment, I refuse to monetize these stories.

Simply, I love to write. I do it for no One. This is what ‘I do’ and that marriage to the Spirit we all have inside seems rather ethereal and eternal.


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