In the Beginning

 In the beginning, there was God. Creator, SHe just is, was and always will be. Then, God created stories about who God is, this “me” and these religious ghosts of our past time which touched the Spirit and this Soul. Personally, I have yet to set all those memories free from this cage of a body. Practice of forgiveness makes perfect, who knows?
Birdanity is my second publication that I began in 2016. Art of The Release was my first and from 2013. I write both professionally and personally, doing the work of holding each thought captive, then releasing each one after the other. It is a practice in laughter and a full acceptance for all that is and has come before. Allowing the self a space of time to visualize a unified world. One where we feel one another by way of all our senses, recognizing what is true for each life and honoring that path.
Most days, I am quiet. Still, there are moments that I growl like a lion as I vocalize the joy and the fear with allies that have survived those roaring firey words. At the beginning of each day, I remember that it will be a beautiful one. At the end, I try to believe the same about tomorrow. Releasing these stories about my day to the God(s) of my own understanding, then confessing that some of my thoughts, words and actions remain less than perfect. Saint and sinner, I am human.
Human as a Bird, I was taught to sing and to love music and for that nest, I am deeply grateful. That written, I also spent three years without any contact from family. I believe(d) in the messages of Jesus from Luke 14:26 and I felt that I needed to hate all of them in order to truly become a disciple of God.
Whether that hate was necessary, I am still unsure. Whether Jesus was part of a triangle or a square, there is only faith to keep that story alive. Having that same faith in a four-sided equation of spiritual power, God speaks by way of these seven senses and most often, through the vibrations that I feel in the music that is dear to me. From birth to death, it will be through this song that I both hear and feel the God of my understanding.

I want to believe that you can feel your own version of God in the music, too. The One of your own understanding that may never be able to be expressed in words. It is a feeling and no matter how broad a stroke of a story, I believe in God.

~ Selah


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