But for stories…

There was a muse to this writing.

One man I met many years ago,

One whom I love(d),

but that story feels old and stale.

Silently navigating

through the light and dark of it all,

I’m not certain what or whom I seek.

Stranger than fiction,

it feels as though there is someone

who is hunting me

while I am searching


I told this hunter

not to contact me again.

I’ve told many men that story.

with 7+ billion people,

this simple request

does not seem a difficult One

considering all the options.

Still, just like he

I fear the loss too

of that One connection

that ended when s/he told me

not to contact them again.

Losing contact,

pulling out this One

or that One,

well it makes no sense

that I’ve lost anyOne

if I really think about it.

7+billion people in this world

I’m connected

to every



of “you”.

We share

this connection

inside and out,

we feel it

then we travel

to One


in sense,









there was a muse to this writing,

a man.

But that story…


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