JournalerS : RecoverY

Travelers, journalers, painters, sculptors, artists, workers, creators – this is my life. The life of an open journal in Cardiff. The sun rises and sets with my neighbors and a few want to call me friend or family too.

Today in Cardiff, I still had a rough time getting out of bed, but for family night in Del Mar with two new friends. Time with these two make for two good reasons to shower and make an effort to request a driver. Walking to work everyday, I now take an Uber or Lyft everywhere. Some drivers are so quiet that it feels a bit like someone else is driving Miss Daisy.

In any case, it’s 11:26PM and it’s time for bed. Damn, 11:27 came quick and I’m still resolute on this new word for 2018: Recovery.

Recovery from:

Victim’s Esteem
A Mess of Drama
A Total Wreckage
A tired mess

11:29 is my resolve to turn out the lights by 11:30PM and go to sleep.

So you can get up and do a Monday tomorrow. Making it a good Monday where you wake up in 6 hours and take a shower to start this week all over again. Except this time, you will watch the pieces of your life fall into place.

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