Last night, we met again through talking wires and he told me of his Remainders. As he spoke, I realized that these stories are my remainders too. The real production is perhaps still yet to come, but here you find little pieces of my soul spread out on a page. I am the God experiment.

Waking up this morning on this random Tuesday, I navigate around the bathroom needs of my roommate, then consider whether working today is a good idea. It’s 6:58AM, and the weather outside is as blustery and messy as my own life. I’ve spent days in my bedroom and more than a few inside this fluffy pajama set from my new family.

Family… A few people have called me family as of late. It would be sweet to believe them, and so I will remember this acknowledgment when I wonder whether they appreciate my presence in their lives. The answer is yes, yes and yes, they all do. More than this, I do.

Though I may not be worth much in this body and mind, I am the remainders of God inside. I believe in the small miracles that happen each day through the people I meet and know – neighbors, colleagues, family and friends. I believe in writing about this God story where my neighbors are famous artists, my colleagues are dignified wo/men, my family is openly gay and my friends keep me straight.

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