Think about the wisest woman that you know. Her name is ____. You are that her. You are that One.

TodaY, you are that wo/man. Grammatically in/correct in every way. Plural even.

He, she, hers. They, them and thou, these are phrases from the Bible. They are stories of groups of people who did some good/bad shit.

My friendS from California tells me that S____ is One in a billion. I’ve heard this story… a lot. I keep hearing it. Does that make it true? Sometimes I feel THEY just say that because they want to sleep with, in or near to me, then dream my/their dreams. Energy creators, it’s as simple as punctuation.

Things we never say aloud, they are expressions just the same. As you read this tomorrow, remember that I have no idea what I am talking about. Like you, by day, I am human. Like you, I am a daily recall on a wave length of love/hate.

Wake up? Oh hey…like you, I am human again. This time I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a really sick body to contend with. Literally and figuratively, SHe’s quite a ‘beast’, this One. I’ve tried to rid myself of her or him, but I just keep waking up as this One.

p.s. When I wrote that last paragraph I auto-corrected myself from saying ‘best’. I am a beast and that would have been narcissistic. Removing myself from being God from every element of my writing, that seems to be preferable. Also, who does p.s.’s anymore.

p.s.s. Wow.

p.s.s.s. You too?



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