Dear God?

Logging in here, I encounter a change to my computer’s memory that resulted in a mass of security walls that lead me to a time commitment of obtaining my own failed memory about the log in changes that I made months ago. One website named WordPress and several email addresses later, I am in and here you are. Here we are. Blogging like the Wall Street Journal who recently published that North Korea bought a secret weapon to talks with the South: the reclusive state’s best-known female pop star.

In other news, “where are you now?” is perhaps a better question than “who am I?” because that’s not a complicated answer. I am in Cardiff, that’s where I live. It’s paradise on a stick here, and my room overlooks a park and the sounds of my ever-present gnarly older neighbor who just repeats, “where are you now?” after realizing his new lease holder was lost. I love my neighbors, they keep me from feeling like…

I am lost too,

though I have a home,

a few pseudo-families

and one Idaho…



Now that location has been established, let’s talk God for a while. Someone recently told me that when a person has spent more than 10K hours researching, reading or talking about one topic, that person is considered to be an expert. If that’s true than I have 1,300 separate and substantial posts and at least 5 hard-bound journals to prove that I’ve spent more than 10K hours researching who God is. Considering the prolific amount of text, that still doesn’t make me feel like an expert on the topic. After all that reading and writing, the only thing I am certain of is who(m) God isn’t. And by that I mean…

God appears in the contrast.

Until tomorrow then?




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