A Zine!

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When one stops believing that everything that they write is worth holding on to, he or she may begin to create zines of all this creativity. This ‘Blog’ then becomes a ‘zine’ of a poetic work that began in 2013 when I started writing publicly in an effort to express myself whilest winning the affections of a boy that I use to like. It didn’t work, he stilllll doesn’t like me. And,

Who the hell do I think I am anyway?

‘I’ still don’t know either, but I am learning through these zines where I write the really vulgar, religious and silly dramatic stories about some beautifully weird shit. No one is supposed to read these messages in a bottle anyway. No one is reading this right now, right?

Cool. As long as we both don’t say anything about Birdanity, it’ll be fine. It doesn’t make much sense all the time to me anyway, it’s got some weird jibberish in there. In any case, it’s a non stop poetic place where I enter the remainders of my ziney life and I don’t care what John or Garret (aka, the real artists) think because I am..

well, whatever you think

still, ‘I am that I am’.

In any case, a story:

I am lost, but found.

You too? Crazy!



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