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Mark Gonzalez

If you are my enamy, here you go. This one’s gonna hurt twice as mutch. Particularly because I want to misspell some sheet and let it fly like the Bird that I am. Mark Gonzalez may approve. Notice I say “may” because I haven’t asked and who knows. When he gets here, I will ask if it’s OK for us to play pretend for a while together? It’s only fair, Mark. Your enamies wood approove.

What I have learned lately from Southern California is this concept of Remainders and Zines (and in general, Art). They are one of a kind or 10 of a kind pieces that you make. You write poems or add pictures to these one’s and then you stop thinking about what you made and you give it away because it’s done, and so am I. With that last sentence especially.

So here I go with making a Zine on a blog that I pay money NOT to monetize. The next time you ask me to sit down with you and make a Zine, I might do that. Notice I dais ‘maybe’ because dear God, who knows when I’ll be available again to make a Zine with you or anyone else.

Two: I am not sure I do art-on-demand yet.

Three: You neither? Guarantees are price/less.

[Thr?e paragraphs in: there is no point, but nonsensical stories. That’s why it’s a… (what is this again?)]



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