poeticK pleasureS

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Mark Gonzalez

Q: “Do you want to pleasure each other?”

A: “….no……”

A personal government shut down, today is trial 20,180,122 and my trials were on repeat this weekend with the question above. Each time it was asked, I cringed a little inside. It’s not them, it’s me and any business of pleasurey touching feels like an internal shut down.

Day-after-day, I navigate the stories and emotions of a little girl who is lost in a 37-year old body of water that crying meditates the pain away with songs from my youth. Observing the lives of others, like my roommates and colleagues, I remain perfectly detached from the outcomes. Instead, choosing to write and release these publications to whomever takes the time to read a zine of remainders about day 20180122.

20180122? Here is my pleasure of a story today. Three paragraphs of enlightenment about how I lack a real burning desire for sex, whether I want to release that habit or not. Perhaps there is something wrong with me, you, or this new lack of behaving.

Either way, I am pleasuring myself

with a poem of a story

about how I don’t want

to please men

in a plural


No One else will do.

C.B. (Talk) Big Hammer,

this is Cisco,

do you r ad me?

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