I am an observer and a scientist in this life of ebbs and flows with family, friends, money, love and connection. Within each connection lies an infinite number of connections from which to draw these possibilities that existed only in Idaho dreams and California movies. Now in my own movie, I am a man/i\festering misfit who writes a few paragraphs at 11:35PM about this possibility of bringing prosperity into a life. Mine.

Calling it forth, even singing to it, I wait for the next wave of life to rush in and greet me like the chill of a morning’s first step into the January sea. Paddling out, maybe this time I take my place in a long line of more miracles. The kind of miracles that remind me of words like magic and Oracle. Which is just a label for channeling One immeasurable energetic connection that has a very real foundation in science and religion.

It is Spirit.

I have spirit,

and that feels



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