golden retrieverS


Years ago, someone once asked me where my happy place was and I wasn’t quite sure until yesterday when I had this hour or so of beach time with Sky. His golden smile and jovial nature helped to create this perfect sense of laughter, peace and contentment.  It was sunset, the sands had rescinded to create one perfect oasis after another down the Cardiff state beach, and there was my Sky, the sand, and the sea that we stood knee deep in more than a few times after skipping through the thoughts to find long-winded moments of Zzzzzen. Taking mental screen captures in my mind, that is the state of bliss I will return to when I want “my happy place” (in my final days).

Coming home to Cardiff, living here every moment of every day in 2018? I hope. This is perhaps the most beautiful dream I could ever live. All excuses aside for whining, this is paradise for me right now, especially when I can hear the sound of the waves from my bedroom as I write.

A couple of paragraphs. A letting go. These are the thoughts that I want to write about today and many days to come.


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