Dear G-O-D,

I seek you early this morning after feeling that 4am prompt from the heavens to wake up and nonsensically write about this connection to you that feels like a bad habit sometimes with all it’s ebbs and flow. Run on sentences, confusion, missspellings, and general messes are welcome in these paragraphs. This is the life you gifted me, after all. Why deny the im/perfection?

Were I to consider the stories I could tell here, it may eventually lead me to wonder, tell whom? Readers fail at making commentary, making You about the only One who is here most of the time. At least, I think You are. Are You? The comment box is still empty…

Missing You now in physical presence, I write letters to You and place them in these online posts that feel lost in a sea of data. Why I give this Birdanity URL to friends is almost silly, but I don’t want to ‘should’ all over myself again. Simply, I love You more deeply than a killer like YouSelf should every dream.

Today, dear One, I was wondering if You would be willing to continue to bless me in this life? Bless me in immeasurable ways that science has yet to explain? I know it’s a lot to ask with all those starving children in Africa to worry about, but my guess is that You don’t worry all that much about Africa (or me) and that magical feminine messiahs really are possible.

This is mY faith
I’m sticking it to


4 responses

  1. Believe it or not, a comment can often be difficult in response to the depth of your writing and your reflections. My thoughts feel hollow, as if dealing with life on a different plane (Fly Delta!), and I sometimes think, for all the “writer” I am or aspire to be, it pales when compared to some of the words and phrases you create.
    I’m often in awe of the depth you reach into yourself, and the courage to place yourself “out here” for the world to see. Not sure you can see how strong and blessed you are, but from this distance and angle it’s plain as day. You are “light”, and you shine.

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    • Love it. Fly delta?
      Fly Sky high!
      (no miles required).
      p.s. If you are a “writer”
      than I am a “writer”
      Brian Holmsten,
      you ❤

      p.s.S; you ❤
      "keep comin' back now,
      ya' here?"

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  2. Indeed I’ll keep coming back. You can’t get rid of me! Besides, you’re far too intriguing . . .
    Fly high . . . higher . . . higher . . . touch the Gods . . .


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