Test: 20180206:18:58

Test: 20180206:18:58

Dear Sirs,

I am happy to report to Your Truly that I made it through today’s tests in sufficiently enough a manner that I surpassed all required tasks for at least 12 hours today. That written, this mind of an operating machine has some work to do when it comes to the 3 – 4 “good” hours a day that is her personal life and so I download this 20180206 data from a place called California here on Earth with hopes of a comment or reply. You know who you are because You are reading this.

I’m fasting, it’s year 2018 and it just occurred to me that people don’t often say, “the year of our Lord” anymore because that’s downwrong religious to acknowledge that there is a God and no one needs that. Except me. Clearly, right here and now: I need You?

God or Godless, Birdanity is not just another cultish publication written by another really weird half-criminal, it’s also a place where whoever you are, you are allowed to look into these stories of my life with whatever agenda you may or may not have to find this multi-story religion of One. Seeing that it’s a bit of a mess too. Journal entries about the day, letters to God, mashes of songs at random, a weird-ass name, typos like there is no tomorrow, run on sentences, poems at random, I’m arguably the worst writer in history. Also, “Selah”? how the h*** do they pronounce that? And what may be even more frustrating, you are never allowed to try and change me because I’ll always see the wrong you found in me through your eyes.

Also, always and never stop existing sometime after 1980 so back up into that last paragraph and go ahead and get real with me if you like.

In any case, the race for what to do with my night is afoot and right here and always now, I just want to stop and go on record with saying that if David from Psalms can make history, so can this tiny Goliath. *ROAR*

Visioning tomorrow, the day is over, the race is over, the hunt is over –

resources abound. Please, remember this tomorrow:

You are limitless, there is nothing you cannot do.

Except that one thing, and also that person.

You should really let Her go

(and stop reading Her

journal). It’s




p.s. today “was the best day ever”! Not only was it another bomb sunset day with Sky on the beach after work, I also learned that my neighbor for the last year has moved to hospice. People who have lived here for years stood and lamented the community’s loss, then pilfered through his art that was left behind in the alley for “FREE”. I want to find out who this man was, see if I can hospice-by-the-sea help, then finish the work that he started. Is that weird too?

Jesus? I’m going to need a better chisel and hammer…

IMG_5690 2.jpg

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