One life

Dear ?,

Awakening, I ask you real questions with only One answer. It doesn’t matter anymore what mother and father did to me, or whether I stay in this job or pursuit these other ships of relation. The question today, am I going to live?

I may not wholey or holy know life’s meaning yet, but I have 37 years of proofs to ascertain that answer. Exploring the possibilities, I return to you as my Source, then beg at your feet for miracles after elephant tears. Could you let me in on the secret to this living thing?

The Universe tells me that ‘ the secret’ is in the power of visions and affirmation. Affirming that vision of positive power even now, God, you know what I seek and it isn’t wealth or power. Rather, I seek a replacement for you.

That won’t do, will it? I’m not sure. Still, I miss you just the same as I ever did on this Friday morning. We are connected, you and I, for life.

One (just this one, right?)


p.s. was all this time (with/out me) worth it?


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