Test: 20180212:6:48

Test: 20180212:6:48

Dear Master,

There is something about the story that brought me here to California, someone to whom I write about this divine connection, but that story doesn’t have his period. I get mine every month and like clockwork, time keeps tick tick ticking by and with each passing moment, I inch closer to You. I can feel the heat of yOur breath, even now as I exhale.

It’s OK to not be totally OK in every possible way, Love. This is a safe place. Naked and without shame, we are welcome here, you and I. Dangle on, dangler.

As “I” begin this test today, and perhaps a little earlier than you expected, this is the perfect Monday to let go and let You be God for this time. Reminding myself moment after tired moment, the end is in sight and I ‘mother may I’ take many paths that will lead me home and to that end.

None of them are “right”. None of them are “wrong”. They all just are. It is A Way, but there is the way of a peaceful warrior.

Will you be there? I imagine so, in my dreams.




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