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It was mine

to learn that…

tHere isn’t a God

after all…

The real god is inside.
Slowly, you recognize
the illusions, the delusions,
the pain of human limitation.
Then gradually it dawns
what a huge mistake you’ve made.

Hold your divinity within.
Then ask yourself,

Do I love this human being?
You may find that you do
that there’s something noble in his suffering,
something noble in your own;
that you’re walking parallel paths,
not holding each other up.

It’s a marvelous thing,
to love another human being this way.


Something, someone, more intense,
is luring her out of life.
Her ghostly lover was merely an altar boy
for this, her Demon Lover.

Firey, suave, seductive with royal charm,
he lives at her core,
a lover-killer within.
His magnetism lures her
toward death.

Her God is sadistic:
does not say Yes to her prayers.
God is her demon assailant
and she, enraged.

Her heart could stop,
not from death
but from fury
at the inevitability of loss.

Her awareness of immanence
may yet turn her around
with will
to live her own life.

She can make a choice.
She can choose surrender;
demon can become daimon,
her spirit guide within.

His wounding may become his blessing
and he, her inner king,
her creative genius;
this union, the true creative act.

She need not succumb,
need not retreat,
nor need she harden into bitterness.
She can begin a love affair
with her own life.

~Marion Woodman



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