Test: 20180212:20:20

Test: 20180212:20:20

Hindsight is 20:20, they say. Having met so many new people here in California over the last four years, one would be in awe at my 20:20 version of these stories. No matter the time, I am still getting use to all the styles of soul here. All delivering an incredible opportunity to let go of those new clothes and come home naked to mySelf again and again.

I’ve been thinking about you all day and missing you,

though we both know that yearning ebbs with aunt flow.

There wasn’t really a name to this music of a story.

It was just a story where I laughed with you,

struggled, cried, then screamed inside

about the kind of life I want to lead.

But right now it’s time

to lay down my

body & mind

and just be.


Well the music I play
Well it ain’t your kind
But  I love you so
And you know I don’t mind

Well I’ve seen you pretty Bird
I’ve seen you down
Well I’ll hold your hand
And you’ll hold your ground

I look at you and we think the same
Cause I know you well
And I feel your pain

But I’m still the same more or less
Nothing  has changed
Eighteen years older
But I’m still the same I guess”

“The Staves”


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