Test: 20180213:16:12

Test: 20180213:16:12

There was this concept of Jesus and this man who stood in all our places and spaces of blame, but where is that master of tact and grace now? It sure isn’t me yet, or is it? As much as I would appreciate being omni-right 100% of the time, not even God has that wrong down perfect. All that you hate, fear, and shame, I hope you see…

Instead of fear
Instead of blinded eyes
Instead of shame
Instead of all my lies
Instead of a human without a name
I hope you see…

Instead of anger,
Instead of unbelief,
Instead of weakness in the heart of me
Instead of a wounded soul that sometimes loses faith,
I hope you see…

I hope you see me
Standing in my place
Bearing all my shame
I hope you see…

My God,

when you look on Us
a broken people
who have turned from love
instead of the words we throw
and the wars we rage
I hope you will forgive us

I hope you see…


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