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Dear God,

It’s “wake up, baby, wake up” time and I’ve decided that since I washed my hair yesterday, today doesn’t have to be one of total cleanliness. Instead, a hat and a freshly washed face that I smeared mineral dirt back on to cover this little cover girl in me that doesn’t give a shit (and still hurts like hell). What an amusing world I have selected this time around.

In response to my confession of a bladder or kidney infection that required medical intervention, my friend tells me last night that she has a love/hate relationship with her cervix too. In that moment, we both knew how “the other woman” has felt the last 20+ years.

Then she asked, “Are men causing you stress??? I forgot how EVERY MAN responds to you. That’s not at ALL frustrating.”

Passionate aggression makes me laugh most of the time, my friends especially. They remind me that I am loved, that I am not of this world, yet I am in this in a “together” sort of way for now.

Never alone, I get that this morning writing is a pile of shit, so if that’s true my apologies for this shit this morning. One word of shit after another had to come out sometime I guess, so this post of a release seems as good as any other.

What a pile of totally hot shit.

Your welcome,



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