Self-Love Pro Tip: Stay away from the people who make you feel like you’re hard to love.

Love tips arrive via phone from this middle age of a wisdom that gets me in and out of “trouble” and “problems” just like everyone else, regardless the age. It’s my late thirties and people almost twice my age are raising eyebrows of disappointment at how I display love. I can feel the distrust and, like them, it “breaks my heart” to feel so disconnected from what we imagined we wanted to feel, see and experience with One another.

Aside from these disappointed human connections that also prove less than perfect with further tests and experiments, today I walked and wandered around a few towns with Sky more than usual for my Sunday’s usual. Making it a Skyday filled with two brown eyes, tennis balls, laughter, a few tears from some blue moments and my hairy chunky monkeys to hug.


p.s. If “You” are out there – and I felt you today so I’m convicted that You must be – I want You to know that I am waiting for You to say to this alien of a life that…
You are waiting for me to come Home.
You are waiting for me,
and You are sorry
that You waited
so long to say…
You love me
Two. Too.
to: You



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