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Have you ever felt yourSelf unfold?

Have you ever felt this shift?

It’s only a subtle movement, but I feel it happen inside. Often I wonder if You designed that shift or I did. Either way, here I am in the middle of this shit.

More than this, I write to You about ALL this shit, which seems almost silly when I consider the possibility that you are God (too) in this ‘with me always’ kind of way. A way that grows closer to the core of Your wisdom as time passes. I love You for this feeling of deep connection that we share. The One You created… (Me…)

Do You love Me too? Having read all the previous suggestions, the comment box here remains relatively empty most days. Still, I know You and I are connected and perhaps these words to you are all just practice for when we meet again. We will meet again, right?

Dear God, I hope so. In this human skin of a soul, I want to know you so deeply and intimately that this skin reflects your sunlight. I want to feel You, and as though there are only slight differences between Us. I hope we meet again and again to find that reflection. Picking up where we left off each morning in this writing game.

I feel You this morning. I know who You are and I love You. I am proud to be Yours, and when my old friend Marco tells my new running friends that I am his best friend, don’t get jealous. Or do, then filter that shade of green into those golden streets You said I could walk with You after we get… married? Ha, yeah right!

Your BFF,
one daughter,
yOur sun,



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