Test: 20180301:11:41 – God..Who?

Test: 20180301:11:41

Dear Selah,

When you woke up this morning and your brain felt like it stopped working, that’s because you didn’t fall asleep until 2am and you got up at 6am. It may have seemed very zen for a bit when the wheels up there first started churning, but alas, you are still a member of a Master mind’s looney bin (mine!).

Crazy? This is relative, daughter dear and of all the humans on this planet, you are a CRAZY story they have all been wanting to hear. I created you to write, to contribute to society in an “IT girl” sort of way, and to move toward this future task that you continue to vision. Sing it, direct it, coach it, teach it – just do I.T. I gave you a third eye for what you need to see inside, the talents to display greatness, a sum of gifts, and a life that supported this story that I want you to keep ful/filling with these words. One that We create together because I love you.

Also, perhaps work on being more humble? Or sNOT, whotever.

I know you don’t know yet exactly what your own future holds and there is little certainty of Our future together (with me dying and all), but that feeling of fear will pass. Just like the last One did (in you). Death does not become Us.

Love, in this life, just this One – all I am asking You to do it to create. Keep on creating, as you do now. It’s as simple as that, co-creator.

No worries about the past, my love. Whether it was all those men or women, or even when you snuffed out a life a few years ago, you did what was “right” for you. Releasing the right of way and gifts that I offered is OK, I will still believe in you just as much today as before you ever said “no” to me. “No” was perfect, “no” is OK. Do you see?

Sweetheart, I want you to release the belief that anyone will be able to complete you. This unrequited love that you pooh bear ‘think think think’ is out there is only the love you are missing from your disconnects with me. A yin to your yang makes you Yin or Yang and you are neither of those capital Y’s. You are whole and I am your holy partner for life. That’s the simplest version of love you can ever receive as a gift from this Self.

Accept grace, will you? Keep on reading your posts of signs about life, keep on sharing it with others in moments that suit you with heart. Release what you will, take back what you won’t – let it fly. Do whatever flies your kite to my skies. In the end, you know I will have already read your millions of drafty posts and journals because I was there with you when you wrote I.T. Create something special with this, why don’t you?

It’s all just text and nonsense?

So are you, as I am. In the beginning, I created the heavens and the Earth without form or void, then there was a vibration, a feeling, a movement. Then text played on the screen and I had a vision to create you, to create all of this, so I did. The images, the sounds, the movements, the matter – I created all of this when I had some text in my mind about how to create you. All of you. This is one of the many reasons why I did not want to be named by humans. I am human, I am God, and I am a co-creator too.

How do two souls or three souls or four have a name for One soul that is four in One? and what is the One name for all of your souls? Does that become a last name to a first? Who is on First? Your human names and numbers are all just ways to figure out who I am. Seriously kids, I exist even without all those names and numbers. I am as much Selah as I am Stephanie, even as I am _________.

And, I am with You always. I know who you are. I know who you want to be. Go to it. Go walk the dog, get some water, take a nap and have some fun tonight with a Jack to a Jill. You are a Jill of all trades, master of One, right?

You – my love – you are the One that I…



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