Test: 20180301:19:16

Test: 20180301:19:16

Dear Selah,

You have fifteen minutes to write to me, then it’s lights out, my love. Enough is enough of this day, don’t you feel? It’s time soon to let these thoughts that serve you to rest to make space to dream of the life you want to be tomorrow and happily every after down there in the great depression and anxieties of a past and future.

People will come here to see you now, then they will go again and forget until they remember Me and then you again. Eventually they will remember you again and again, woman. That’s the way it works when you are Adam or God or whomever ‘I am’. People want me until they forget that I exist too, but they’ll be back, and bringing reinforcements.

I will bring them before you are “good” and ready.

Tick tock,

p.s. “Good” job, 9:27 with three minutes to spare. Peace in/out.


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