Dear fellow huMan,

As I wait for Him to pick me up, I thought I would take a moment to write to you about why I write to You. It’s still a mystery to me too, if I am being totally honest here, but I’m wondering if we could solve this giant Question together? Your answer is as good as any…

Also, what about that One mystery about who God should be to me? And when we get done with that mystery, do you think we could figure out the next One together too? this questionable mystery of you + me = three?

I understand this doesn’t make sense to sum. Some people need to sum and I doesn’t do that mucho bueno. Grammar and spelling is for the birds, I say. Wait, or did I? Write…anway,

These paragraphs just keep comin’ It’s like a life sentence of writing sentences on a giant white blackboard where I attempt to solve this mystery of who I am, who God is and dear God, why am I here? Jesus Christ! anyWho,

I have 14 more minutes to start somewhere about this never-ending Monday mystery. Outside of work, friends and family, it’s about the only think I thing about. Or do I feel I think about it? I dunnoooooooo…

is anyOne out there?

do you read me?

can you feel me?

come in….Sir?

is anyone out there?

anyOne at all?



p.s. Roger that?



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