Test: 20180306:07:07 – Physic(al)s

Test: 20180306:07:07

Is it TimE?
to say goodbye?
to You?
to this One love?
to this writing thing?
is this all worth IT?
am I going out of style?
What am I going to do next?

with mYour Time?

I’m not sure about the next life, but with this One I recently joined a Monday evening running club with my buddy Marco (hola, Marco!) and we talked about doing the Carlsbad 5K in a few weeks. With this in mind, I confess that sticking with my physical fitness goals isn’t something that I’m proud to write about, so perhaps that’s exactly where I’m headed in this writing game. One that takes place in these wordy spaces that lack total gay pride for home ownership of this gender fluid skin. (Are you seeing stars or rainbows after that sentence?)

Logging on to IG, I find a wealth of pictures about physical fitness goals. Like You? I have those too. Having left my car behind, running and yoga are the two goals that seem the most opportunistic and local, so here I go starting somewhere…

Wish me luck?



p.s. Accountability…?

Stop counting!

I just need?

you to be!

(w/ me?)


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