Do You feel like You are reading a journal?

Me two.

Me: to

Me too.

And the simple truth here is that yesterday, which still feels like today but it was definitely yesterday, I held myself more than a few times. Just a great big bear hug from sea to shining sea. I watched the waters settle, I wrote a post to You about it, then I tried to sleep again but couldn’t.

Sea, I’m trying to work some things out internally. Like for example, do I go get an MRI when my lawyer and a “quack” are telling me that’s best? Politically correct, today the answer was no. Yesterday it was I don’t know. Tomorrow, I’m ready to be done with this paragraph that has lasted more than a few months with stories that escalate and then settle in my head about lawyers, doctors and MRIs. If my mother is write, I am right and we are all lost in this sea..

Sea from this moment forward, it would be heaven to be done with these stories about accidents, cancerous thoughts, and I don’t knows with guilty thoughts about feeling lost in the I don’t knows. I’m so tired of that story that I want to run and write about it until it hurts. And this Birdanity? It’s just a creative journal about the pain of it all I guess, with a big “Whotever” to this Birdanity tagline.



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