Test: 20180308:16:68 – Terrified, Man..

Now that we are alone, I just wanted to tell you that I am terrified, man. What have I become? Sadness…won’t own me for long.

At least I can say that I tried (to write). After all this trying to reach You, I can imagine that you feel this trying thing too. It’s not always pretty to cry about it, but when I step away from the game, sometimes I still need to feel IT. I am burning alive with feelings of living in a frigid world where I am terrified of who “I” have become. Honestly, it’s cold in here, isn’t it? I am too God damn honest…

If I am cold and terrified, what have you become to me in that equation? That’s a question, isn’t it? You are on the other side of a terrified equation that is walking around with PTSD, observing your every move, analyzing it for data and clues to confirm there is safety for this life in that equation. Sometimes I watch movies and I see you in so many faces and stories, it’s endless the memory that is required to remember the titles of each One that I truly love(d).

After watching all these stories of love and hate, I have felt them all sub/consciously. All of your stories run in parallel with mY own and it isn’t male or female that I hear, it’s One human terror on repeat. Skins of souls who secretly want to fly with me to the azMoon to find a new planet that makes sense.

Then again, maybe this One always did.

Changing colors?





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