Test:20180308:16:07 – bossY woMen


It’s International Women’s Day and when “the boss man” asked me today if I was celebrating, I made my first PSA community announcement about mY gender fluidity. I am transformed and gender fluid. What is gender fluid? or rather, who?




Who is that, friend? Fluid, without a WO, or a MAN, just like the One who created me. Here on Earth, I was born female and by all accounts, I seem very feminine with these danglers on my chest, an ovary and some silly waves of moods that make my eyes roll to the floor with embarrassment. Still, I am wo/man, hear me roar?!

In other world news, I am worried that I lost a colleague at work. She and I started on the same day more than a year ago and her story runs in parallel with my own. Except, her story is worse than mine, according to her.

I’m not sure how to compare lives anymore, but I love her just the same as I ever have and hope she will return to Us. Recognizing this feeling is very child-like, I appreciate that simplistic space in my writing about righting. It’s a yearning for the kind of love that I want, One that surpasses all my own human understanding of this life.

I love.

This is all I know, which is nothing really. Woman or Man, I’m only fairly certain of what isn’t fair. Almost everything else is up for grabs (just don’t grab my danglers, my ass or this tiny mustard seed of faith that will move your mountains off that couch to write me?).



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