Test:20180309:05:55 – Roger that, Writing

Wake up, baby, wake up! There is no need to be embarrassed anymore, we’ll understand today (or someday). If you tell us the story even, many of us will relate.

I don’t want to tell you this story.

Why not?

Because it would take too long and I don’t have the time.

Why is time an issue?

Because it’s my time, my story, and I don’t know how to tell it yet.

What did you forget?

A lot of this story is trash, actually. I listened to what I wrote, then I forgave and forgot much of it, then stuck those memories in my trash bin. What’s the point of those stories, anyway? It was necessary pain received from women and men, over and again on repeat, and I already received the lessons. Most of them anyway, and they come back around if I didn’t, so now it seems strange for me to tell a really long story about life’s lessons on repeat.

What do you have time to do?

Write here, I suppose. It’s my favorite thing to do for free. Writing for me is freeing.

What is wrong with this?

It’s… Well, I don’t know what this is actually. After so many test proofs and entries, the numbers are adding up, thousands of drafts, hundreds of published posts, but very few return to me or write back. Makes me wonder why I click Publish everyday and even pay money to remove the magazine ads from this creative space.

You keep looking at the time…Is it time to go?

Yeah…it’s time to go do a job that I don’t do for free.
So this is test Subject Stephanie, over and out.

Roger that!

Roger?… Don’t call me Roger!

10-4, lady love, Roger that!




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