Test:20180312:21:30 – Ye Gods!

Ye Gods!

What a Monday run as I learn again to train with this tribe at Culture in Solana Beach. Running with a dog, I’m going to have to pick a side and Sky is going to have to stay on the other side. Before the run, several people called him a chunky monkey of a golden retriever and they aren’t wrong, he’s mostly hair and part human lover. Regardless, for many reasons this weekly run will do us both some good.

What made me laugh today too was the serendipity of losing my drivers license for a second time in the last two weeks, only to have my running best friend Marco find it on his run where he was miles ahead of me. Hmm..I should probably figure that security breach out, Marco!


As I sit here to write about my day, next to me there is a Sky and tonight we are ready for bed and tired. He sits in his canvas crate, squeezing a slimy green tennis ball that aches with every jaw-filled squish. What a smile, that One has.

That’s about it, 180 words about Runday.



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