A friend asked me recently if I am writing a Bible with all the time I spend creatively meditating. Bounced that around a bit in my head and yeah. This feels like the writing of a Psalms, a song writing where I have thousands chapters of verses in here to fill a whole lot of tunes.

The truest story is that I’m not sure about writing a Bible about life or who God is. Self trust or developing a “trust me!” feeling can be complicated. Still, this world keeps getting simpler and that’s the beauty of this appreciative state.

I’m not totally sure how “enlightened” happened. I figured out my boundaries and something changed in my own movement. Drama free most days, not much bothers me anymore. Cancer, concussions, mental disorders, spilled coffee, lost balls, dog sores, men who want to touch me too much or not enough – eh, whatever that  story is, it was just a story.

I’m still alive if you are reading this. I’ve probably moved on from any hurt feelings and hope you have by now too. Still, if the story sticks and you are having a rough one, you may need to talk with me and/or apologize and/or keep writing until the pain is gone.

Today, I will listen to music and vision the future. True story. Enough of all that previous mess that I created before this story. It’s all still there if you want to see all the intricate layers of a story no one wants to see, read or hear again.

Steph Bird


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