Test:20180315:17:51 – One Alien 2da Next

Dear fellow alien,

I keep hearing stories about how alien we are feeling from this world and it’s got me wondering, do we all feel like aliens? Aliens who are living among others, yet leading separate lives that feel so different than everyone else? Are we alien, human, heavenly or none of the above?

I feel like E) Alien of the above. I am just One of many, though. One with a strange Alice in Wonderland feeling like I am already sitting on Cloud 9 and something phenomenal is about to happen. Something I can’t really explain in words, but it’s coming for me and I should probably move towards it when I see (Him).

Anywho, just an observation about the themes, serendipity and course of thoughts that are vibrating through my life of symbols. Only one short story from one alien to the next.


p.s. call & vibrate (Her)!


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