Now that we are alOne?


Now that we are alOne?

Leave me alone for one minute, and I’ll be meditatively visioning my future via my tunes. It’ll be a utopian story in my head about how I will save the world with a song. Just One = mine. One from a Bird.

Now that we are lone or alOne, I just wanted to tell you that secret. One more? I am going to REALLY heal this world. Healing may hurt, but it’s going to be OK though. Just trust me that this is possible, even after 37+ years of impossibilities. We’ve all seen magic? It’ll be like that, but real.

I have to believe in the power of really being “me”. I have to believe that wha tI believe is do-able or feasible for some. Our brains are misunderstood is all, we know what we are capable of, don’t we?

Should I write to be understandable to the masses of humans who are ab/normal like me? Oh God, I hope to be with mYou…

Super human? nah, I’m not sure what you call this, but it’s “me” and at work, they call me “Stephanie” or “SMB”(I’m also just “Steph”, or if you know me well, “Selah”, or if you don’t know my name I’m just “her”). Inside these doors of eyes, I’m just “Him” without a capital H or gender identity. Either way, it’s just a name and a gender, right?

“Gender” and “Sex” have me thinking about them lately. They are funny animals, those Two words. I’m not sure what gender or sex I prefer anymore, but I like to laugh about IT without remorse. Is this confusion or a state of perfect peace? I’m not sure, but it feels pretty peaceful inside most of the time. There are still PTSD ripples of bipolar effect, but that’s human for now and these waters feel more like a lake than an ocean.

Death after death – cancers, divorces, and all of the above, these waters are still moving. I still get back up on the wave too and ride all these stories by writing about all these damnED stories. Bring it, I say to God.

Let me hear your words above all other voices and all the distractions in this world.

Your words? Your turn.





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