Blue Collar Faculty

It’s my 4am wake up call, but no one is here to wake me up. Was it You again? It seems rather early to be waking me up, don’t You think?

Still, You wake me up before the sun rises almost every morning, then my mind churns and burns through the stories of yesterday, this week, this month and a lifetime’s worth of yOur time. I wonder if I have gone creatively crazy, then I wonder if I am too squarely logical, finally landing my mind on the laughter inside at the wander of the wonder. It’s a “win win” situation with a whole spectrum of intellectual regards that someday will lose their faculties. Still, today all my faculties are on deck (doctor Bird at your service).

Now it’s time to step these faculties into the rain outside and out into the dark streets of Cardiff. It’s time to walk my dog before work and smile with him about the simplicity of playing ball. Then, it’s time to get ready to be a faculty member where hopefully all my faculties show up to support all their members.



Test 20180322:04:51-5:03




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