Test: 20180325:05:44 – Grief Shaking

Ah Jeez,

I feel it this morning.

Grief came back, just as I knew it eventually would. Another friend lost, and the loss of that daily presence comes back to greet me. Looking up at the sky and the stars, I feel pretty small this morning. Hearing waves crash to the shore near my home, I write about these waves of grief and some others that I’ve been feeling too. Waves of feeling miniscule, small and just a blip on the radar of life.

For a few years, I lived here. I live here. I will live here. Blip!

Is this all there is?

It’s Sunday and today, this is all there is. This day is all we get, or all I get. And even that I just don’t totally get. I was feeling so bright, but then she quit him or he quit her, the light switch flipped to off when she left, and I’m not sure where that switch is anymore. And how do I turn me back on?

Is this thing broken?

(shakes herself violently)

I still don’t get IT…

why all the grief?


I guess I just need

sum days off…

(Ah Jeez,

no One cares



Test: 20180325:06:31 over and out




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