Feels like a GAME

“Alright, so let’s play hard ball!”

“So how are we going to position ourselves…”

“Let’s hit the ground running…”

“Let’s hammer this out…”

“Let’s get our ducks in a row here, guys…”

“Here’s the 30K foot view..”

“Let’s drill that down”

“Can you beef it up?”

“Can you put a ______ together?”

“I’ll do most of the heavy lifting…”

“Ok, I’ll put my feelers out…”

“Can you send me the dial in?!?”

“I just pinged her..”

“Loop me in on that, will you?”

“We’ve GOT to make sure we are in position..”

“What’s the bottom line here, guys”

“Can you send me all that in an email?”

“I hate RFPs…”



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