Test: FUUUU< TODAY!20180326:18:36

Do you see? Do you see how I’ve got my panties in a bunch? How the hell did that happen…

No worries though, no one will notice or care tomorrow. Sometimes I wonder, does at least One person care? I’m not really sure, people don’t stick around to care and this lack of a fact almost immediately reminds me of the Bible stories I heard when I was a kid when God massacred almost all of humanity with a flood after he could find only One “good” person among us humans. Those stories were hilarious, weren’t they? Turns out “they” were only telling me these Bible stories to remind me that I was among the “bad” humans. Too, that old book needed an explanation for these gay rainbows.

Old stories aside, this gay bad ass of a human… well, I’m not feeling so gay today and at some point I need to pivot and move. Positions or states, I’m not sure. It’s inevitable and there is nothing I can say or do about that fact. Wouldn’t matter if I said anything anyway, no one is going to do anything, but listen, smile and nod.

Listen…with us wo/men, peace isn’t quite so complicated and neither is real listening. We all get mad at all sorts of things, men and women alike. Do we take the time to listen? Today “I” happen to be mad because I don’t feel like “I” have a voice, at least not at the women’s table where all those in favor, say “I” (except the women).

Listening seems like a respectful thing to do for us wo/men, but today where was my soft spoken voice in that room? In those moments when I did speak up, I was spoken over again and again. I’m not sure how to be a “good” person when I lost my voice, I lost my “I”?

What about hearing every wo/man’s voice?

*spit* Whatever. Overall, “I” just needed to tell someOne… fuuuuck… today.


p.s. I really hate it when people (like me, but not me of course) use all capital letters to prove a GOD DAMN point. Seems rude, doesn’t it?

p.s.s. And people say I’m SOFT spoken…weird, huh?

p.s.s.s. To the kids at home… I’m not sure why you are reading this, but don’t get MAD, EVER or use swear words when you speak or write (like your friend/aunt/daughter/mother, Stephanie) she’s “BAD!.



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