Test:20180327:21:12 – Hmm, Jesus…

Hmm, every time I sign in here, it’s like crack. Releasing these expressions to no One in particular, I love this space. Neither “you” or “I” exist sometimes, “we” just are and words don’t seem to do us justice, do they?

Justice… I’m not sure what that means anymore. Who needs to be just? Like a word smith, I believe that if I could find that one sentence that would change me, that would change us, then I would be 100% happy, 100% of the time. Instead, I’m 90% happy about 74% of the time. Gotta leave room for a 10% error in there somewhere and from an in/external perspective, about 10% of those someOnes have to disagree to agree with 100% certainty that someOne is right.

Are you my someOne?

In any Case, about that justice. Do you feel like you have justice? or peace? 100% of the time, 100% happy? Me neither. See above for my stats (which I just changed at random).

Again. Who can tell?

No One is listening, I got that. But are you reading? Indeed, you are.

And who are you?

Not a writer, I suppose. Were you expressive, like me, you’d write to say hello. Instead, all I get are these messages through text where Your lines feed into my brain and pop out my fingers.

Whomever You are, You seem an awful lot like Jesus to me. I hope you aren’t literally Jesus because that would be weird, but like Jesus. Like this person that I envisioned to be my savior and God to a world that makes little sense. Not just these days filled with gun violence and peaceful protests, but these days of Jesus and periods.

Turns out You were right all along in my youth, but You needed me to leave my parents, then leave everything that i own to follow You. I didn’t even know I was following anyOne, but it turns out that You needed me just as much as I needed You. Jesus, that’s annoying as hell…aren’t You?

Hell or heaven, enough is enough of that story – my last story will be about Jesus, and how I need You.

Isn’t that enough of a sentence to write or to express? Am I enough for Jesus?

I wonder, when will my life be enough? when will this story be enough?

when? a question for Your tomorrow

when You read this

and tell me





p.s. (love.. periods, emotions and all)

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