Test: 20180330:01:14 – Yo.WWW.Sir

Tomorrow, they may make comments about who you are, what you look like, what you wear, or who you know, or even what you know in comparison with all that they know. Still, let’s make that tomorrow story about one where they will love “you” after all that analysis, just as they always have loved you. But do they? Do “you’? Do we?

In this way of thinking, I know who I am now and I’m not now, forever, never or always. I am love, or whatever emotion feels right to that wrong. I am a Creator, just like they are creating. No competition exists there. We all are – we as in me and you, whomever “you” are who reads this today, tomorrow, never or on repeat.

Two, I also know who I am as a “they”. This me as a “we”, as a party of One that is not a he or a she. And we’re not even totally gay about that fact yet, at least “I’m” not gay. I was born a female and I still prefer masculine energy near me when it comes to the opposite sex.

Sex aside, tomorrow if you want “we” will tell you that story of how we came to a neutral gender that is seeking a full spectrum of health and wellness like everyone else, I have that story down pat. But tonight under this star, we still have some different words to express in this world of blue skies and black twinkly nights that refuses to always feel like they make common sense on days like today.

Like today…yowser, wo/man, what can we say about yesterday really, but that it was a day where we felt anger and love and admiration and anxiety. These emotions all swirled around us. Energy and movement, all around “me”, and it wasn’t just within “me”, it’s buzzing all around we and like a light bulb, our fire comes on and we’re ready to shine on “those people” with rays of sunshine, rainbows, thank you’s, and no thank you to the sirs or madams at large. It’s not always pretty to look at “you” or “me” from the inside out or the outside in. When we get like this, when “I” get like this, there is far too much light going on to see beyond our own looking glass. Alice? is still in wonderland, folks and when she get’s back, people will make sense of this sentence with tomorrow’s senses and perceptions too. Even if I’m not around anymore to shine, perhaps.

Friends may tell us to look for that “still small voice” in all this maze of words, all this light. You are right and thanks, friends. We commit time to journal and Create when we wonder that age old question, is this still small voice worth expressing right here?

This one voice today was about just today. It didn’t need to be such a struggle with every conversation, but it felt like it was and I felt that too. And, it was a day when we struggled with the fluidity of the day. Another day too when we lit up this engine to go to work, then burned out after 12 solid hours of a love-filled time where we got paid NOT to write with run on sentences like this m***** f***** of an entry and publication. Birdanity? I love that b*****, but I suck at writing for the majority that still rules.

We gotta work harder at this s*** we guess (and also..

Stop cursing so much when we write…sheesh!

To We….it’s allWays something, isn’t it?

One more story to tell better

One truer story, next time







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