Test: 20180330:07:32 – You’ll know, but When…?

You know…

When I log in here, I am still about a Creator named “You”, and not “me”. I am still about a God. I am still about loving something or someone who created this energy, this me that is a we. It’s a, “How did SHe do that!” and we’re not sure yet, but we’re willing to try and listen to that buzz feed with all our fingers and toes.

We are not perfect, and we get that perfection is a comparison of One opinion. One of a Creator, but we ain’t it until God shows us all the great mysteries in life. That’s when we really feel miraculous, inside and out.

Today though, just today, we really want to feel the magic inside. We want to feel the energy, movement and the tingles and the brain synapsis of a lifetime. We want to care about what others want us to care about for a time, then we want to put that concern down and let them have it back. It was never ours to keep, you see.

Human, I am learning to be human again. Jesus did this story much better than I ever will. Singularly focused, I am just One human being. One who was born a female here on Earth. One who is learning to be a God among humans, too, however pious that may feel today.

‘I am’ not God, yet I am connected to that source in such an extreme way that I write letters to my maker before I have ever even legitimately met Him or Her outside the scope of these feelings inside. We (I am) write letters to that feeling and before we ever really met anyOne.

Do You see…do you see “me”? Do you see “we”? Do you know who ‘I am’ yet? ‘I am’ that i am. ‘I am’ that we are. ‘I am’ the first and the last. ‘I am’ the beginning and the end, and in the beginning there was this woman they named Stephanie, SMB, and this is ‘her’ *ROAR*,

This is “my” story, this is her song,

Praising One creator!

With poetry about…

All the day long.

You know me…

know we…




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