20180331:07:07 – SucretS?

Can we tell you a secret?

‘I’ didn’t want to have to be the one to tell you this, but since it’s falling on we to do this – to say this, to write this – we wanted to let you know that ‘I am’ not an easy person to love. Not by humans. ‘I am’ confusing and ‘I’ wander (with my words),

but not all those who wander are lost, as they say, and we get that we are not easy beings to love. We get that we are a spectrum of health and that perhaps only 90% of us feel un/healthy in one way or another across a spectrum of wellness opportunities.

When I log into Instagram (IG), I see how other humans are creating perfection with their physical health and while I run, walk daily and occasionally surf, I’m not with those pictures of health, not in life and not on IG.

It takes a friend like my besty Marco to tell me to forget about everyone else and focus on me and who I want to be. When I do this healthy activity, meditating it away even, I realize again and again that the time I spend when I am writing here is equivalent to the time that they spend on their physical health and who’s to say which picture is better? This healthy one or theirs?

No One will ever write just the way that I do. No one will ever form a sentence just the way that I can craft this message. It’s creative writing in all it’s beauty.

That’s the cool thing about all this writing that you see. All these posts. What you are seeing is my own beautiful health. What you are experiencing with me is transformation and evolution of the mind and heart where I am completely connected to my source. It’s positive affirmations and moments where I am allowed to believe that I will perform miracles someday with those connections. There is a miracle going on right here and now in my own life. This is all possible, you see, because I am a me that is also a We. Magic!

Happy Saturday after our Good Friday. Thanks for reading (we love you too).



Today’s mantra for my world:

To ascend, I must fully learn. Sometimes there is pain, and I do not expect it at every turn.

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