Test:20180401:09:30 – AsSstrology

I’ve never been all that into astronomy until I started getting this new You Tube feed with New Feminine Astrology where Shawna uploads these weekly short tidbits about the moon this week. I’ve also met Shawna in person, and I can tell you that she is a namaste (kick ass) guided meditation coach, so I was curious to watch her videos when my friend Sonserai sent me the link. I love these videos…


I appreciate her giving me clues into my week from the moon’s perspective. I feel the Moon and now on this April Fool’s day, I hear about it too..

Sunday…I felt like an April Fool when I got mad about a little surprise from earlier today when a couple people reached out who were foolish and I laughed it off. I also called my parents and we had a long talk on the phone about how tired we all are. Me and my healing work here in California, and my parents who have been healing people by working on their church plays this weekend in a big production of several services since Good Friday. My Dad was excited to report that many people “got saved” this weekend at his church because of the message they delivered by way of their singing and drama. Made me wish I had been saved from my own drama this weekend when I decided to become a “prude” after a guy like (#Dave?who) could be such a jerk.

We also talked about how he has been really tired this weekend, and even how I haven’t been feeling all that well today. Which isn’t par for the course, but it is the truth. Still, I hope tomorrow to go running and enjoy a long walk with some real-life friends. Or at least people who stay friends with me on IG and Facebook (or wherever) because they wanted to keep hearing…

One voice.



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